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                The K5 Drinking Water Station

                QuickFlo technology
                MACguard Filter and PureMometer filter life indicator
                K5 is smartly designed to be convenient and economical

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                Let’s find out!

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                Water treatment can be confusing, but you’ve come to the right place for help. Our approach to water treatment is as unique as the Kinetico products we offer.

                At Schultz Soft Water, serving Central Minnesota, we understand the water challenges in this area and take the time to learn about your family’s particular water treatment needs. That way, we can recommend the most efficient, effective and economical water treatment solutions custom fit to your home. So every time you turn on your tap, you know you’re getting the best water and only water.

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                We offer a full line of water softeners, whole house filters and systems and drinking water systems, so you can be confident we have a solution that’s right for you and your budget. And you can count on us being here for you now and in the future. Just ask one of our many satisfied customers.

                We also encourage you to reach out to us. We will conduct a free, thorough water test so you can fully understand the water issues in your home.

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                We had Aaron at Schultz Soft Water install a complete water softener system, whole house filter, dechlorination filter, and a Kinetco K5 drinking water station. We had concerns about our… Read More

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                St. Cloud, MN area: (320) 251-4100

                Buffalo, MN area: (763) 263-6497

                Annandale, MN area: (320) 274-7638

                Toll Free: (800) 289-2807

                Fax: (320) 251-1053

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                Get one step closer to cleaner water in your home.

                Brilliantly engineered to be simply the most efficient and effective water softeners, drinking water systems and water filters in the world.

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